We are a small family owned restaurant and came to South End Green over fifteen years ago. Years later, we are grateful to remain a part of such a thriving and warm-hearted community. Here at Zara, we believe it is our loyal customers who make us the warm community that we are, and we are proud to call Hampstead our home".




What makes Zara special is not only the food but our customers. The vast majority of our customers are local regulars, alongside whom we have grown as a business and created our own Zara family. We are proud to count many of our patrons as personal friends. The love and kindness they have shown us has helped create Zara's special atmosphere and kept us here for nearly 20 years.




Zara is named after the hometown of the owner, Hasan, a small town in Sivas, Turkey. Many of the dishes in our menu are inspired by the memories of his childhood home, and aim to bring a taste of the food and life there to the heart of Hampstead.